Throughout the years the current business activity has been transformed, having a long history, in this small fraction of the municipality of Fabriano, where our great paternal grandparents already had a small shop, the impulse to produce and sell local farmer’s meat was born out of the development of tourism in the area, mainly due to Adriatic coast weekenders. Over time this little shop has turned into a small supermarket, which has become more and more specialized in the production of typical local cured meats and in the refinement of local scents and flavors. Thanks to time and patience, we were able to eliminate the problems involved in traditional curing, while still keeping that characteristic old country, cured meat taste. An additional aid in the more pronounced flavor of these products comes from our optimum geographic location, at 560 mt. above sea level, we can make the most of both marine winds from the east and north east (we are mostly exposed towards the Adriatic coast), with hotter winds from the south and west, which gives origin to our brand "Sapori Forti" (Bold Flavors).